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Frequently Asked Questions


I wish to support the site but I can not join patreon, is there any other way?

Feel free to turn off your ad blocker for the site if you are using one.

What languages does uniteAPI currently support?

We try to keep the pages as translated as possible but these do exist: ...

Is there an API that I can access?

Simple answer: There is no public API available.

How do I get badges on my profile?

Most of the social badges are gained from joining our Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/join/UniteAPI) Other cases: • Medal : In the top 100 players at https://uniteapi.dev/ranking • Star : Be an early supporter • Patreon : Join our Patreon at any tier and show your support. • Twitch / Youtube / Twitter : Being in one of the top two tiers in Patreon

Match history

How do I search for a player?

When searching for a player, these requirements need to be met: • Names are case sensitive. • Spaces are not allowed.

I get a page not found error when searching for a user

• You could try using their short code • Common mistakes are spaces are used• Periods are used • The wrong middle dot is used. (• is less common) (・ is more commonly used) (no spaces) • The name is not in the correct case

How many games are shown?

• Match history is the last 150 games stored, 50 per type (Ranked ,Standard, Quick)


How often does the ranking list refresh?

• Roughly every 24 hours


How accurate is the information?

• The information is gathered directly from the game. This means that it should be perfectly correct, however expect some teething issues as this is experimental.

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