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UniteAPI.dev was first developed by Icarus and 404 in October of 2021 for the purpose of providing a database, guides, information, builds and meta data to the public. With Icarus doing the frontend and data side of the website and 404 designing and implementing the play search function and backend. Being fans of Pokémon and playing Pokémon Unite, they decided there needed to be a resource for users to look up information without having to load the game up, so UniteAPI was developed. Officially released on 1st of January 2022 with just the player search, followed by a database shortly after. MistrMatt was brought onto the team in April 2022 to do a whole redesign of the website, the site you now see here.

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Co-Founder and Data Analysist


I have been interested in game data and analysis of data since 2002. A lot of my time was spent playing and developing informational databases and wikis for FINAL FANTASY XI, moving on to FINAL FANTASY XIV, working for Gamer Escape Wiki and developing tools for users to use, such as https://ARealmRemapped.com. Finally moving to Pokémon Unite and filling in the gaps which were much needed and asked for by the community. Since then I have been developing sites for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and mobile applications.

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PHP (For better or for worse)

Current role

My roles within UniteAPI are data analysis for incoming/outgoing information and displaying it in a format that is readable for all users. Also Community Support and Socials manager.

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Co-Founder and Lead Backend Development


I started MMORPG private server development about 15 years ago, which got me into network analysis and development. Over the years I gained more experience in this area, which I used for research on Pokémon Unite. This initial code to gather Unite data then turned into the initial Backend code for UniteAPI.

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Current role

My main role in UniteAPI is to develop the backend of the website to keep it stable and be able to support the full amount of traffic we gain on a daily basis.

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Mistr Matt#3696

Lead Frontend Development


I have been a software engineer for years and it is also my fulltime job. Having expertise in mobile development and web development I am constantly looking for ways to improve. I used to play a lot of Pokémon Unite which brought me to using UniteAPI. Back in the day the design and front-end was not too great, which was an opportunity for me to get in touch with Icarus about reworking the entire front-end. This was another way for me to gain experience with web development as a whole, in combination with making a site for a game I play.

Favourite programming language


Current role

I mainly go over everything that is front-end related or that you as a user would see and use.

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